Friday, February 13, 2015

Big Japan by Jennifer Griffith--- Valentine's Book Blitz Day 13

Buck Cooper can’t remember when he became socially invisible—probably when he hit 300 pounds. Now he’s working a dead end job, getting no notice from his boss and no love from the cute secretary he pines for.
But when he gets shanghaied to Tokyo, all of that changes for the mild-mannered Buck—because this blond Texan is about to go sumo!
Peek inside the secret world of sumo, and cheer for Buck as he fights his way through the ranks— against bullies of incredible size—to win the heart of the girl he loves.



            “It’s me? What’s me?” A rush of hot fear sloshed up from his gut and colored his neck and head red.
            “You’re on the TV screen up there—quick, smile!”
            Buck squinted, smiling in confusion, but then he realized almost 15,000 people were staring at him and screaming. Horror. He strained out his best grin, looking back and forth to no avail. The spotlight blinded him. What was going on? How long would they torture him with this fierce glare? Move it along, already. Yeah, fat guy in the audience here—fat enough to be a blond sumo wrestler. Fine. Pick on someone else now.
            But the light didn’t dissipate, and the audience started chanting and clapping. Then the clapping got rhythmical, and soon Hiro joined it, too. All the air sucked out of Buck’s lungs, like someone just opened an airplane door. Where was that dangly air mask when he needed it?
            “You need to stand up, Buck. Go toward the ring.”
Go toward the light was more like it. Death had hit him swiftly and much more painfully than he’d ever imagined.

Author bio:
Jennifer Griffith is a wife and a mother of five, and although she’s never seen a Jennifer Griffith is a wife and a mother of five, and writes all manner of romantic comedy--her husband supplies the romance, and the kids supply the comedy. She lives in Arizona now, but in college she lived in Japan for almost two years. At 5'1" tall, she never once sumo wrestled.

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