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Dark Secrets by Madeline Pryce

Dark Secrets (Dark #2)
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419991370
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Theme: Vampire/Demon (a few shape shifters thrown in there…)
Length: 85,000 words

Here is my Review of Dark Secrets:

The triangle of Julian, Micah, and Ella keeps getting stranger and stranger...I keep thinking something will happen withJulian and Ella even though Ella hates Julian's guts.  Who will win in the end?  I thought I knew all the answers before it played out in between the pages...Boy was I wrong
Ella's emotions are so crazy I wondered about Micah and Ella if they would stay together or not.  Many time through the book I wondered if they would have a happy ending.  
The worst moment of Micah's life was when Ella nearly died in his arms. Her miraculous recovery should have been the start of their future.   The Shadow Agency's corruption and Julian, the vampire who turned Ella, are testing their relationship. Despite hotter-than-ever sex Micah begins to wonder if a relationship based on lust can survive for more than a few scorching-hot months.

Ella has forgiven, but not forgotten, the fact that Micah once plunged a dagger through her heart. Everything with Micah is passion, excitement and an uncontrollable desire  But as buried secrets, ongoing lies and murderous deceptions pile up, Ella is reminded that her and Micah's relationship was based on a curse. 

Micah will have to face down their personal demons--and prove that love and trust are more than just words. 

I keep rooting for Ella ad Micah to save their relationship. Their love is so powerful that no matter what happens he still loves her and helps her.   Their love so is strong that it went beyond being mates.

The writer is Madeline Pryce and she knows how to write hot scenes and wish you were the one that Micah was in love with.  I give this book 5 stars.   I cannot wait till the next book is out.    I will definitely look up her other books and buy.  She is an amazing writer. 

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora's Cave

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Series Reading Order
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Dark Secrets (#2 Ella/Micah – 85k)
Dark Vengeance (#2.5 Castro – 45k) – release date coming soon!
Dark Promises (#3 Ella/Micah) – Spring 2015

About Madeline Pryce
Madeline Pryce wrote her first novel when she was ten, penned with neon-pink ink in a loose-leaf binder. Captivated by romantic literature, yet intrigued by the paranormal, she continues to develop her own voice, writing the kinds of stories that inspired her as a teen.

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